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Urgent help for Rasuwa

With the project „Help for Rasuwa“, Smiles to Nepal e.V. is supporting the reconstruction of Rasuwa Ward #3. We are working with local support teams, which allows us to directly allocate donations for the reconstruction of Rasuwa Ward#3.

Protective shelters

The most pressing task at the moment is the construction of shelters that can withstand the Monsoon and provide a home for a longer period. A local help team has identified a stable metal structure, based on experiences in Haiti, which villagers can rapidly build and adapt.

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The current situation in Rasuwa

In the worst earthquake in 80 years, many families in Nepal have lost their livelihood – also in Rasuwa Ward #3. The village of our colleague Tara and her family is located in the Rasuwa district, 50 km north of Kathmandu, with about 650 inhabitants. All of the 132 houses in the village have been destroyed, 7 people died and many others got injured.The people of Rasuwa are going to be dependant on external help for the reconstruction of homes, schools and medical centres as well as support for failed harvest for a long time to come.


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